Ginnifer Heinrichs

Ginnifer Heinrichs is one of the owners of Daffodil Hill, along with her sister Jessica. At the heart of Daffodil Hill, Ginnifer has helped perfectly manicure the venue to create a intimate and elegant event venue. When she is not at the venue, she spends her time behind the camera with her photography company, Ginnifer Heinrichs Photography. Ginnifer is the mother of three beautiful kids, who help serve as her inspiration in all of her endeavors.

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Jessica Nurnberg

Jessica Nurnberg is one of the owners of Daffodil Hill, along with her sister Ginnifer. The vision behind Daffodil Hill was fueled by Jessica’s passion to create an intimate venue that could be enjoyed by large and small parties. She is always ahead of the trends, and loves to find things that will help enhance the overall experience the venue aims to offer. Jessica enjoys spending her free time with her two adorable pups and her fiancé.


Jess Rahill

Jess Rahill is a wedding planner for Daffodil Hill. With a creative nature at heart, Jessica enjoys D.I.Y. projects and gardening in her free time. She’s a mother of two beautiful kids under the age of 5, which means she can handle any challenge thrown at her. Her goal is to make weddings and events fun and memorable. At a wedding, you can find her dancing at the corner during the reception.